Isn’t it amazing how a change in weather and a difference from the new normal can really boost morale and raise positivity? It was great to see the snow-covered gardens, trees, hedgerows and an army of snowmen  whilst out dog walking . Everyone seemed to have a spring in their step and the sky was filled with laughter, which was much needed. The lighter evenings also for me have a huge impact on wellbeing and signs of life in the garden with snowdrops and even the odd daffodil starting to sprout. All of these are huge steps in the right direction from the current time of working from home, homeschooling, struggling with the new norm.

Here is our sausage dog Dude after a long walk in the snow  🙂

Wellbeing Week
The good news is we are nearly there! The hardest month of the year where 4 weeks feels like 14! The one where healthy eating is so hard when there is Christmas chocolate in the house! January 2021 is nearly complete!
This week is also Wellbeing week and so if you haven’t already now is the time to focus on YOU. Think about anything you can improve in your day and how you feel. This could be from drinking more water, getting up 15 minutes earlier to exercise or meditate, to more regular breaks at the PC, longer walks, finding time to read a book, giving the children household chores to help, having a good look at your nutrition and mixing up your meals or buying some house plants to add more greenery. Tiny tweaks can make a huge difference and so see how you can improve your wellbeing this week. Exercise is obviously a massive help too.

Here to help..
Last week I started new online classes and also had enquires from a variety of groups. This included:
– A local business who want to offer more wellbeing for their staff by running some 30 and 45 minutes away from your desk Pilates sessions,
– Mums who wanted some “Me” time and  to exercise with friends after a day of homeschooling
– A 121 session for someone coming back to  Pilates.

I hope all of these help in our journey to ensure we get through this lockdown and come out stronger, both physically and mentally. If you know of anyone/ any businesses or groups who would also like some sessions to focus on wellbeing and exercise please just let me know. Always happy to help.

Have a good week and remember to make time for you.
I hope to see you in our Barre and Pilates online sessions. Also please keep an eye out for more mini sessions via email and also on social you can do in your homes.

Stay safe and take care