So, January has blown by and February has sprung upon us!
The nights and mornings are getting lighter, the birds are chirping and bulbs are popping up everywhere to reassure Spring is well and truly on the way.

It’s my favourite time of year when you see everything literally come alive and blossom. For me, this year though it’s a time to take stock…..
Where on earth did January go?
Why did my mental “to do list “not go down,
Despite pretty much hibernating in January why was it still so frantic??
Any of that sound familiar?

Life does whizz by and this is why the very “in” concept of “mindfulness is great. I have to say I preferred it when it wasn’t so mass market and faddy but the principles are still there and something of great interest and belief.
Mindfulness- Paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you – can improve your mental well being
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A major plus though is Pilates is great for mental and physical well being- a double pat on the back!
So if you have been neglecting yourself and spinning around like a lone sock in the tumble dryer then STOP!

Yes , now would be a good time.

Have a cup of tea (green tea even better) and think what would I really like to do?
Achieve? Try? Anything new? And then do it, research it, sort it. Today not tomorrow or the next day!
As Paddy Mcguiness (from v cheesy “Take Me Out” Saturday night TV programme – told you I’ve been hibernating!) would say …….. “The Power is In Your Hands”…
Go and make February the F month, not “Fed up” but “Feeling, Fab, Fit and Fantastic!”

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