This weekend we watched the Ninja Warrior Final . This series has been quite popular in our house. We cheer, we Ooh! and we Aah! at the TV.


If you haven’t heard/seen the programme it is basically a dramatic assault course.  A cross between Gladiators and Total Wipe Out. You have to be pretty fit to take part and I’ve decided long limbed as well!


So, all series has been leading up to the big final and crowning the Ultimate Ninja Warrior. The fittest, nimblest, strongest on TV…..


We were pretty excited anyway to see which army person, gymnast, Ninja type would win the title……


and then no one won !!!


A whole TV series was built around this big goal of being the ultimate Ninja Warrior, and then they made the final course so hard only one person managed to complete it , but ran out of time!!


How deflating is that!!


The producers pretty much set everyone up to fail,

goals were unachievable

and people’s dreams wiped out!


A definite lesson in how NOT to do it!


Goals , no matter how big or small, need to be achievable.


If your goal/ dream at work or home seems too daunting to begin with then chunk out your tasks, try and complete one or two bits a day/week.


So you can be successful at each step along the way.


Feeling good about yourself,

being able to tick off achievements

keeping positive about your end result or journey is SO important.


Never, ever set yourself up to fail.


If your goal is to get in better shape for Summer then we can you along the way with our new Get Back On It online Pilates/nutrition plan.


* This is focussed Pilates workouts to complete everyday,

*Healthy recipes which are easy to use

* Suggestions for little changes/tweaks to everyday life  that can have a massive difference on your fitness, health and well being

* Motivational tips and advice- to help you feel amazing!


It will help you get…

– a flatter tummy

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– improved posture to walk tall this summer

– more energy to look and feel stupendous!


Come on board with an extra brucey bonus workout if sign up by the 8th June!


Have a fantastic week back in classes from tonight in the lead up to summer…

its coming this Wednesday apparently!



Take care