Testimonials for Pilates in St Albans

To give you an insight into what it’s like to take part in one of our Pilates classes, we asked a few of our existing Pilates go-ers to say a few words about their experience.

We have also added some of the comments from class attendees over the last 12 months:

From recent class survey…

” Being able to make up mixed class is fantastic. Your flexibility is great”

“Love the classes. I always recommend you to friends. Thank you for your wonderful classes. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

” Feel stronger, more flexible. Enjoy the exercise (its fun) most of the time! Me time is great!”

” Great classes to keep my tummy in check! Also good for my mind and if you are booked onto a course it makes you go and do the exercises and feel great after”

” Gabriel is a good instructor classes are great”

” Amanda is fabulous. I love the classes”

“Teacher Claire is great. Always fun and challenging sessions”

” Its always good to be stretched after a day hunched over a lap top, thank you!”


More from existing Pilates go-ers…..


Alison, St Albans

“I started pilates after the birth of my first child 3 years ago. I signed up for a 6 week course to re-discover my stomach muscles and it worked! Now I have had a 2nd baby and know it has helped me get back to pre baby shape much quicker and become even more toned. Its also helping with niggly back pain from bad posture carrying children around.”

Caroline, St Albans

“For anyone with any medical condition who’s been advised to try pilates – just do it! Pilates has really helped with my long-term spinal condition to the point my surgeon even said on a recent recent checkup that my severe curvature is very slightly improved for the first time! (he said this is likely due to the newly strengthened muscles better supporting the core, owing to pilates over the last 18 months). I feel I walk a little taller these days, have noticeably fewer niggling aches and pains, and I can tell when I’ve missed a class so it obviously works. I’ll definitely be sticking with it!”

Neil Greig – Sports Therapist

“As a Sports Therapist working in professional football it is important for me to be able to call on guidance from expert practitioners in order to assist me with specific injury rehabilitation cases. Claire at Herts Pilates recently supported me successfully in the rehabilitation of one of our first team players following lower back surgery. Claire spent time educating the player with regards to the benefits of the techniques he was performing and used logical progressions of exercise as the player improved. Having now returned to first team action, this player still performs Pilates’ techniques as a means of preventing any further injury and I would have no hesitation in asking for similar guidance from Claire in the future.”

Rebecca, St Albans

“Going to Herts Pilates was my first experience of Pilates. I noticed changes almost immediately; increased flexibility, stronger tummy muscles and a sense of feeling relaxed. I have now been going to Herts Pilates for a year and each week I continue to notice improvements.”

Vicki, St Albans

I can honestly say I enjoyed following Claire’s 21Day Online KickStart plan.  After the 21 days I felt great, had so much more energy and patience, and I’d dropped a dress size!  The daily Pilates workouts are really easy to fit in because they are short and focused, and it’s great having those drop into your email with Claire’s encouraging words and top tips!I really like the fact that you can model the plan around your own needs, so as well as focusing on food and exercise you can go for a full-on detox or include habits to improve your mental and emotional well-being.  When it comes to the food part, there’s very little, if any, special shopping required, no cooking separate meals from the rest of the family, and treats along the way including wine and very delicious cakes!  All this meant I never felt hungry or ‘deprived’ of anything, and it wasn’t at all hard to stick to the plan and continue to eat with the children as normal.  This is definitely a plan that will become part of my everyday life!

Matthew, St Albans

“I turned to Pilates to recover from a major operation on my spine. I’d previously tried osteopathy with little prolonged success, but have found weekly Pilates classes keep my back pain at bay. The key to my recovery has been the stretching and strengthening of the muscles supporting my back. I started out as a beginner but I’ve since progressed through the Improver class and now attend the weekly Intermediate class in St Albans. As well as the benefit of experiencing no back pain, . I know that without my weekly class, I wouldn’t exercise my muscles sufficiently to keep my back in good shape.”