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We are excited at Herts Pilates HQ that so many of you have already signed up to join our journey and focus on YOU!

We have been running a variety of Pilates, wellbeing, nutrition and vitality online workshops and retreats for over 10 years.
To ensure you get the most we have added more workouts, freebies and content to make this awesome for you all.

Join our online S.H.A.P.E programme for a fitter, leaner, energised you!

Strengthen and Tone
Healthy recipes
At Home
Pilates based workouts

  • Do you want  a toned, fitter, firmer body  ? To banish the wobbley bits?
  • Have a few extra pounds crept on during lockdowns and now you are ready to target them?
  • Are you fed up with the same exercises but still want to get fit and toned?
  • Do you wish you could feel younger and  move care freely with no aches and pains?
  • Discover your flat, firm tummy that has been hiding away and banish the layers for the summer?

We can help you to  shed the lbs, get rid of aches, pains, get strong, fit and firm and all from the comfort of your home. So don’t worry if you are time poor, hate the gym and don’t know where to begin with what foods are good, bad, too fatty, too sugary; I will help and guide you through it. This  plan is for a happier, healthier, fitter you!

  • What it is NOT is a quick fix diet (whereby as soon as you stop the weight piles on)
  • It IS a lifestyle change – focussing on the way you eat and exercise
  • It IS you at home, in comfy clothes and being taken on a Pilates journey to really focus on strength, flexibility, body awareness and posture.

What’s included in the plan:

  1. 14 online  pilates based/toning and strengthening workouts you can do from the comfort of your home (on pc, ipad,phone). To help you tone and strengthen your muscles and get a firmer, flatter tummy. Only max 10 minutes per day for quick results!
  2. Heaps of nutrition tips to banish toxins and give you more energy!
  3. Lots of healthy, clean eating( cook from sctach) recipes which are quick and easy to make- banish the process foods and help you lose inches!
  4. Oodles of extra tips and  motivation with lots of extra snippets of fitness/nutritional/lifestyle info
  5. 3 weeks of online support and motivation

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*Always snacking on the run?
* Need some motivation/help to exercise at home?
* Deserve some “me” time to get back in shape
* Need a lifestyle change and exercise/nutritional overhaul

Then this plan is for you!

Guaranteed to make you feel and look amazing . This plan has been tried and tested on over 100 ladies now, including myself  (I dropped a dress size!) and had so much more energy. They all  have loved it, noticed a huge difference and feel and look great! See some of comments below.

***Special offer= book today  and save!!  If you want to look and feel amazing sign up today for the early bird price of £39 Contact Us to book your space **Join the journey !

WARNING: This is for people who want to see results and change their eating and exercise habits. You will have to find 10 minutess a day for you to exercise and banish the junk food from your cupboards!

Contact Us to book your space today!

“Thank you Claire for inspiring me to do your online plan. It was brilliant! Not only do my clothes all feel much looser, I’ve lost my post-baby rolls of tummy and definitely feel stronger and more energetic too! I really enjoyed the Pilates workouts on YouTube, and enjoyed having to find 10 minutes of ‘me’ time in the morning and evening, I was amazed how quickly my core and biceps in particular responded. As a working mum of two, I’d gotten into bad habits and was eating far too much convenience food (& biscuits!), you’ve kick-started me into a much healthier way of living, and I’m still doing my best to eat ‘clean’, and follow the on-line workouts once a day too.” Laura H (St Albans)

“I found Claire’s online fitness plan really easy to follow with amazing results. I felt much more energetic and calm after after a couple of days and I could feel a difference in my strength quickly too. A great plan and I look forward to doing it again!” Lisa A (St Albans)

“I joined Claire’s Eat Clean plan 18 months ago now and love feeling fantastic and having a better understanding of what I am eating! Because we get to keep all the workouts I still do them regularly to keep me in shape and also do the complete plan before holidays, my sisters wedding when I know I need to tone up and lose a few lbs. Thank you Claire, I love it:)”  Sarah (Harpenden)

“Thanks for the fitness and healthy/clean eating plan, amazing how much better I feel and I am questioning what I am putting into my mouth before I actually put it in!!!” Carol M (St Albans)

“I dropped a dress size, have so much energy and feel like “me” once more. Thank you, from a transformed, happy Mum of two”  Stella

“After the online plan I felt great, had so much more energy and patience, and I’d dropped a dress size!  The daily Pilates workouts are really easy to fit in because they are short and focused, and it’s great having those drop into your email with Claire’s encouraging words and top tips!I really like the fact that you can model the plan around your own needs, so as well as focusing on food and exercise you can go for a full-on detox or include habits to improve your mental and emotional well-being.  When it comes to the food part, there’s very little, if any, special shopping required, no cooking separate meals from the rest of the family, and treats along the way including wine and very delicious cakes!  All this meant I never felt hungry or ‘deprived’ of anything, and it wasn’t at all hard to stick to the plan and continue to eat with the children as normal.  This is definitely a plan that will become part of my everyday life!” Vicki (St Albans)

“I embarked on the Herts Pilates Fitness and Clean Eating plan with some in trepidation; in the run up to Xmas, already cooking two menus per night with a teenage vegetarian daughter, could I face the challenge! It couldn’t have been easier and more enjoyable.  The menus are affordable, simple to buy, and cook for and can fit in well with family meals too. Claire is there solid as a rock in her support with regular encouragement, life goals, and manageble twice daily pilates exercises that can be fitted in around a busy lifestyle. This programme helps you to focus on fitness, healthy eating and wellbeing and prioritise it in hectic family life.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and will re-visit (after Xmas treats!) and highly recommend joining.” Alison M (St Albans)

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