Summer is finally here! Hooray! Everyone is showing a bit more flesh, the electric fans are down from the loft  and summer dresses have been dusted down….

The ice cream man even came around to our road the other night.

My kids were ecstatic…. as had never seen a mobile, musical ice cream van before!

I felt nostalgic ,from great childhood memories,

and then Jurassic , how times have changed!

So, we have reached July! For all parents you may be feeling …

– Fed up with school routine,

– trying to get kids to school,

– to live each day by the clock,

– generally ready for a break from the norm and holiday! Yeh!

The finish line is now in sight,, you are so close, and then you can start the extreme water fights in the garden, morning, afternoon and night,, more picnics in the park and deciding which summer camps the kids would really love to go on!

The downside to the summer break is that some of our classes also rest up for the holidays.

However we still have 2 weeks left of Zumba and day Pilates and barre and 3 weeks of evening Pilates and barre .

Fear not, not all classes stop though… Last year we ran some classes all through the summer for those still at work, generally hard core and dedicated to the cause;)

So we are doing it again this year to help keep you all in shape, sane and smiley:)

Tuesday evenings


7 pm beginners/ improvers

8pm intermediate/advanced

Wednesday evening

8.30pm barre workout – all levels

These will run for 5 weeks from 28 th July – 26 th August at All Saints Studios, off St Albans road. Classes with Gabriel and one week with Amanda when Gabe on hols too .

We are putting in place the same booking system too.. Which is you don’t have to sign up for all the classes over the holidays ( but of course you are welcome too) as long as you pay in advance for the classes you want to come too. This enables us to manage the class spaces over the holiday period, thank you.

Classes £10 a session ( paid in advance)

Book your summer holidays classes here


Have fantastic week

Take care



P.s Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. Get out in the garden, relax and indulge ( there’s the Prosecco mention!).

P.p.s Watching Wimbledon, it’s strong arms, core and upper body time. Coming in next few days the Press Up Challenge!! Da da daaaaa