Online Fitness Packages

Get fit, have more energy, keep lots of great clean eating recipes with our Online Fitness Packages!

We have been running online fitness, wellbeing and nutrition online programmes and retreats for over 10 years. We know we can help you achieve your goals.

We can help keep you in shape from the comfort of your own home!
Offer advice  and guidance on nutrition
Give wellbeing tips and ensure you focus on YOU

We provide the workouts to access online from your PC, iPad/tablet or phone. We also give you heaps of advice on nutrition, lots of healthy recipes for clean eating as well as a helping hand along the way. A great way to compliment your existing classes and really focus on getting fit, feeling revitalised and full of energy all from your home. All help is at hand online and via email . A time saving. cost effective way to get in shape!

We have our ever popular, successful and long running Eat Clean Get Lean plan.  With 9 online workouts, meal planner, healthy recipes and nutritional advice to banish the processed food, eat fresh and re-energise. A real life style change . Click here to find out more

Our Get Back On it online workouts. 7 Pilates based workouts to practise at home and help you get back in shape.

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Try our online Mini Flexball at home workouts click here.