One-to-One & Small Groups

Pilates with your Pals (on Zoom)
We offer Private Pilates online with friends from the comfort of your home:

  • Are you fed up with WFH and/or homeschooling?
  • Would you like to see your friends on Zoom other than a quiz?
  • Are you feeling a bit blah being at home all the time and only being allowed out once a day?
  • Would you like to get together with a group of friends and exercise?
  • Would you like to be taught in the comfort of your home?
  • Would you prefer a smaller group for pilates practice with people you know?
  • Would you like experienced, knowledgeable teacher who will cater exercises to everyone’ s individual needs plus give home practise exercises?
  • Do you not want to worry about mats, equipment etc?

If the answer is YES to any of the above then we can help !

We are teaching all of our classes on Zoom and would be happy to help with your exercise and wellbeing in lockdown.  Contact us for more information.


Book a Private one-to-one Pilates online

Are you returning to Pilates and would benefit from some initial one-to-one sessions before joining a class? Or a Pilates regular who wants to fine-tune your exercises and perhaps focus on one particular area/muscle group?

If yes then this one-to-one package is for you! We are flexible on times/day and all our sessions are on Zoom. Please contact to sign up.

We run one to one session and small group sessions at various times in the week. These enable you to have specific attention with an instructor to focus on yourself, the Pilates method and any specific areas eg posture, building up core strength, prenatal or postnatal recovery, post rehab referral from physiotherapist/ specialist, hypermobility, Pilates for children.

Many of our clients prefer a small group (max 4) or one to one environment so they can gain maximum benefit in an environment and time that works for them. We can then also build a programme of exercises to your specific needs and requirements.