Mini-Flex Ball

It’s here…the first of our online Pilates at home packages you can view and practise via PC/iPad/phone!

This Online Pilates at Home Mini Flex Ball package includes:

  1. A mini flexball -(those who come to my classes will know how fab the squidgy green balls are for challenging your abs and supporting your back
  2. 3 ten minute-ish Pilates workouts , with the mini flex ball for you to do at home! You get to keep all the exercises I show you (and the ball) for home Pilates exercise
  3. Challenging core exercises for improvers, intermediates, advanced (NB not for beginners though- watch this space)
  4. Taught by myself to ensure you maximise your exercise/Pilates time at home
  5. All for the introductory price of £17 (a complete bargain! Nb extra £2 postage to UK only)

Contact us to buy now!