With Spring in the air, it is definitely a great time to reflect and re-assess your lifestyle, exercise and healthy habits. Lighter mornings and evenings are perfect for getting out and about more and ensuring you get those steps in whether running, walking or cycling. It is lovely to hear the birds so loud at the moment, even if they do wake me up at silly o clock 🙂

Leap out of lockdown

Leap Out of Lockdown- join our online group

Are feeling a bit sluggish? Need some help and support to kickstart and get back in shape post lockdown ? If yes then join in our Leap out of Lockdown! This starts on 29th March and runs for 1 month in a private group on Facebook. It will include:
-x2 weekly 20 minutes workouts,
-nutrition advice on healthy eating
-plus fitness and lifestyle tips to help you re-energise and get back in shape post lockdown.

Come on board for the month and benefit from a whole package of exercise, advice and tips for £20 to kick start your exercise or compliment your existing regime.
Spring is in the Air- we’ve got this together.
Email me to sign up