My daughter (5) told me that yesterday was the best day ever! Why was that? Because she danced on a proper, big stage for the first time:) Magical.


For me this morning was not going well….


The website had techy problems with booking (7 am panic, now all fixed for next courses:) ,I had not slept well due to mystery alarm in our room going off at 3.45am?! (did stay awake for dawn chorus though, lovely). Packed lunch boxes were missing, dog played hide and seek(!), last minute homework found scrunched in bag etc etc.


We got to school and a Mum said to me that I looked tired which normally translates to looking rough/mess:)



And then I took a deep breath and laughed……a lot………at myself!


Now, I could have carried on all day chasing my tail, feeling rubbish. slightly annoyed with the outcomes, but what is the point?


Instead, it is so much better to embrace each day as it comes and look at and cherish the good bits.


-Have fun



-Enjoy what life has to offer (just like my daughter yesterday).


I went from school drop off , to having a lovely breakfast with friends celebrating birthdays, to teaching some rewarding pilates sessions and then having a walk in the woods with my dog:)


So, if you are having a bad day please try and get rid of any negative thoughts. Don’t get stuck in a rut, think positive and go and do something you enjoy and that will bring a smile to your face.:)


Go and find/remember YOUR best day ever!


Look forward to seeing some of you at Zumba/Pilates/Barre tonight.



**New courses from beginning June are now bookable at with taster sessions available too.**




Enjoy your day

Take care