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**So you’ve over indulged during lockdown? Homeschooling, wfh, no time to focus on YOU ?

You need a bit of guidance, helping hand, gentle push to Get Back On It!**

This online plan helps you to :
Get your tummy flatter (no need to squeeze into your favourite jeans)
– Get you arm, legs  and bottom more toned  (no need to hide under baggy jumpers!)
– Get to improve your posture and walk tall 
– Get more energy and look and feel amazing!

There are absolutely NO:

-1000s of crunches
-eating muesli bars
-low calorie microwave meals
– weird diet fads
– shouting or outside in the cold…brrr!

Just ME giving you  7 fantastic Pilates/strength based workouts to do at home and fit in with busy, busy lives. Book Now!

Plus…also included..

* Stacks of healthy Clean Eating recipes you can try out at home.(banish the sugar!)

* Top tips and advice for you to use in every day life for food, exercise, time management and sanity!
So come on board and sign up for 7 Pilates/strength based workouts for core and abs,  healthy clean eating recipes, ideas/tips to help shift the midriff/muffin top, tone those thighs and bottoms all for £35! ( from the comfort of your own home)

So if you want to get in shape, feel sexy, get your mojo back and need motivation and a helping hand with workouts  and nutrition then sign up today!

All of the above for £35!! Its madness I know!.

Please note this programme is not suitable for complete beginners to exercise.

What do you say…

“I started Claire’s online pilates programme last summer and found it amazing! I could feel and see myself getting stronger, more toned and loads more energy! The workouts are an ideal length of 10-20 minutes to fit into a busy day (even if it means getting up a little earlier it is worth it!) Really enjoyable, challenging but with great results!”  Nikki, Sales Manager

“Claire’s online plan was so easy to follow and surprisingly easy to fit into my day.” Emma, St Albans

“I can’t believe what a difference the daily exercise from you and all the healthy food info you gave helped. Loved that I could do at home too, thank you” Linda, full time Mum