I have a confession to make- I get bored very easily and have a short attention span! When it comes to exercise I have to mix it up . However even with over 20 years teaching experience in the fitness industry, I am still finding the usual fitness mad January a bit overwhelming this year. We are being hit from all directions on all channels and media. Now on the flip side, this is not a bad thing as a healthy mind and body will definitely help us all get through another lockdown but it can still sometimes be overpowering with so many options available. Where do we begin?


I can honestly say the best type of exercise is something you enjoy. More than ever now we see that life is too short so why put yourself through something that you don’t like doing? It really doesn’t matter what it is either as long as it helps get the happy endorphins flowing around your body and helps to make you feel stronger and fitter, both inside and out.

I have friends who are avid runners and that is all they like to do as they like being outside clearing their heads and raising their heart rates which is great. I know others who find a good brisk dog walk a day really helps alongside a pilates session and some who have tried so many different Instagram or YouTube videos with varying success. I don’t want to bombard you with lots more advice but did want to share a few fun things to help stay fit, strong and healthy:


1 Club Kitchen- every Saturday night since the first lockdown and still now we turn up the tunes, bust some moves and have a really good dance in our kitchen. We take it in turns to choose the playlist and have a good boogie (it also burns over 400 calories according to my watch)


  1. Be outside, wrap up and walk, run, cycle- fresh air and nature are so important. I don’t know what is going on in our garden these last few weeks but the blue tits, robins and sparrows are in abundance.


  1. In the summer we made circuits in the garden and this time around we are devising core HITT workouts (again in the kitchen) which the whole family can do.


  1. Calm App- I love it. To be honest, every time we turn the news on at the moment it is pretty stressful and so in order to reduce anxiety and focus on mindfulness the calm app is brilliant. With 10 minute options to a lot longer sessions, it is great to switch your thoughts away from the noise and just focus on you. Also, Headspace (another mindfulness app) and Netflix have joined forces to show mindfulness programmes on TV


  1. Think about your posture. If you are hunched forward, head down you will feel low. If you stand tall with shoulders back it instantly helps to lift you up.



If you have a routine that works for you then great, if you are stuck in rut or can’t decide from too many options then go for the fun factor. As I mentioned variety works for me and so a combination of strength (pilates and HITT), cardio (running and dancing)  and mindfulness (calm app and nature dog walks) throughout the week. I have practised Pilates for over 25 years and find for me it is the glue that keeps everything together. Sometimes the balance is skewed but I think as long as we can re-address this regularly we can all feel and be the strongest and healthiest individuals, all working together to get through this.


Stay strong and keep smiling.

We’ve got this x