COVID Updates- Online Pilates and Barre Classes FAQs

Are you continuing Pilates and Barre classes in lockdown?

Yes- our Pilates and Barre classes are running continuously throughout lockdown. Visit our timetable page for more information

What should I wear?

Basically anything that is comfortable for you, is loose fitting and you can move in! Leggings, tracksuit/jogging trousers, shorts with a t shirt/vest top are all fine. Bare foot or socks are fine for all exercises.

Do I need to bring anything with me to class?

For classes during COVID if you have mat at home that is great. Please just make sure you have enough space to lie down and stretch out.

Classes in the hall studio- We provide mats and any equipment used. However please feel free to bring your own mat as well for extra comfort. Please remember to drink water before class and bring a drink with you to class as well.

Can I just turn up to a class?

For our Zoom Pilates and Barre classes, you will need the code and password to join in with class. All Pilates and Barre sessions are run in courses.

No, this is because all our classes are run in courses to ensure everyone progresses together and benefits from a regular session with your instructor. We also limit class sizes to ensure everyone gets the most out of the class. To book a course please, click here

Do you offer Private classes for groups?

Yes, we offer private classes for groups of friends or family members who want to exercise together. Also, we offer pilates to work employees who would benefit from Pilates (especially if sitting in front of PC  all day) Our Corporate Pilates and Wellness programmes are very popular, especially in these times, as we know pilates helps to strengthen us all both physically and mentally.

I suffer from back pain. Will Pilates help?

Pilates does help the muscles that support your spine to work more effectively.  However, it is not a medical treatment so please do seek advice from a  medical professional before commencing pilates. We advise a one to one session prior to starting a beginner class if you have any previous injury that required medical support ie physio/osteopath.

I am pregnant, can I do pilates?

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise whilst pregnant to help focus on the pelvic floor, posture, balance, breathing etc. However, if you are new to Pilates we advise waiting until 14 weeks and then joining a pregnancy Pilates class/one-to-one session. This is because a lot of the exercises are adapted for pregnancy and so a general class would not be suitable. Please make sure you check with your medical practitioner before starting Pilates

I have just had a baby , can I start pilates?

Pilates is an excellent form of postnatal exercise to help your body get back into shape, muscles realign and give you some “me” time. For a natural birth we recommend 8 weeks and 12 weeks for a c section before commencing Pilates.

Am I too old? Can men do pilates? I am fit will I benefit?

Pilate is for everyone no matter how old/ male or female. Everyone can benefit from Pilates to help focus and strengthen your core muscles, posture, balance, coordination and strengthen weaker areas of your body. It really helps you to get “in tune” with yourself and be more body aware.  Whether you are an elite athlete, celebrity or 80 year old Pilates will help to tone, strengthen and realign your body, helping you feel fab from the inside out!

Where are your classes held?

We hold classes in St Albans at the Jubilee Centre as well as  St Albans City School. Visit our timetable page for maps on venues