What a beautiful time of year. The trees are starting to turn and we have lovely, bright, crisp days. It’s also time to start piling the layers on, dusting down the slow cooker, digging out the soup recipes and snuffling on the sofa to enjoy a plethora of Autumn TV.

Alas! Please do not hide beneath your layers or melt into the sofa. It is official, (drum roll)….the run up to Christmas has begun! You can’t enter a supermarket without nearly knocking down a stack of mince pies and the top toys for 2016 have already been unleashed!

Don’t worry though we are here to help you stay energised, fit, healthy and sane (!) in these busy times with oodles of classes on offer (and more to come).

The November/December classes are open for booking so please book asap . Some classes have been full with wait lists this term so don’t miss out on your favourite session. www.hertspilates.co.uk/timetable

**Newsflash** I have launched our new Children’ Pilates website- Core For Kids. Take a look www.coreforkids.co.uk continuing our quest for strong, healthy kids. The classes are so much fun and popular with parents, children and schools.ps don’t laugh at my pirate costume! We are also on Facebook www.facebook.com/coreforkids

These classes are again very popular this term. Is it because of :
-the cheesy music,
-the focus on glutes, hips and thighs with extra core in the mix,
-or because you in a strange way look forward to not being able to walk down the stairs properly a few days after class?
-also you know they are a great compliment to Pilates.
We are looking into running an additional Monday night barre(8 ish start) Interested? Also if you fancy trying a day class we have Wednesday 9.30am class. Please let me know:
Look After Yourself (please)
Bugs and illnesses love this time of year too so its important to keep fit and healthy:
– drink lots of fluids
– ensure you get a good nights sleep (and make a routine )
– banish the processed food- eat fresh
– cut back on caffeine, alcohol, sugar (yes that is cakes and biscuits)
– Take 5 mins time out a day to think, be still, meditate.
– Set realistic goals you can strive for – whether health, home or work
– Smile/laugh every day
– Compliment someone every day

Enjoy everyday and stay healthy.
Thank you for coming to classes.
Take care