Doesn’t it make a difference when the Sun is out?

Everyone is in better moods, people smile more, communicate more and generally have a bit more get up and go.

Now today it’s a bit grey but still warm so stay in the summer mode of thinking;)

Last week I embraced the sunny weather in the back garden with the kids. Like many others we had water fights, sprinkler on ( ate ice cream!) , and the plastic sheet ( otherwise known as the super duper water slide ) came out. I decided to have a go..

This meant a large run up, followed by a bellyflop launch super man styley onto the sheet and then a dramatic pose to finish….. At which point I looked up and saw my neighbour looking out of the window! A classic!

It reminded of the quote which I love

 ” dance like there is nobody watching”

Whether you are in the kitchen having a boogie, 

jiving away in the car,

shaking it on a night out

or having a good wiggle/ giggle in Zumba.


Just go for it, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks and have a ball!

You will feel amazing afterwards I promise. Nb a bit of cheesy music does the trick too. Crank up the tunes!

So this is the last week for daytime Pilates and barre classes before the summer break. Evening classes finish next week.
If you are around over the summer break and want to come along to any classes we are running Pilates , Tuesday evenings and Barre Workout , Wednesday evenings. Places are filling up now and remember you can book for any number of weeks from 1 -5 weeks from end of July- August at

September classes start back from the 1st Sept for Jubilee centre and All Saints Studios classes and week of 7 th for Amanda and Angies’s at Alban City school. You can book your spaces now for class at

Take care