Corporate Pilates and Wellness

Corporate Pilates- focussing on Pilates and Wellbeing in the Workplace and when Working From Home

More than ever Pilates is a fantastic enhancement to your corporate/business wellbeing programme and can help to motivate your colleagues to lead healthier lifestyles.

With the majority of the country working from home or a hybrid of office and home this can lead to a variety of problems which can result in costly absenteeism in the future for a business. Poor posture, sitting for long periods on Zoom/Teams calls can lead to long term back, leg and foot issues as well as an increase in stress and anxiety levels.

However, Pilates can help to alleviate this by educating your colleagues on their body awareness and how practising Pilates can have positive effects on daily life. This includes helping to:

  • Improve posture
  • Increase strength
  • Decrease stress
  • Introduce better breathing techniques
  • Improve flexibility
  • All over body awareness and healthier living

Pilates is ideal for the workplace and when working from home because it can be practised almost anywhere (space permitted) and by almost anyone. Pilates and an improvement in fitness is something that we would work on with your colleagues and so can offer a range of programmes including:

  • Weekly Online Pilates sessions ( at a time that suits you)
  • Focussed workshops eg posture, de-stress etc
  • More tailored programmes highlighting other areas in wellbeing including resilience and mindfulness.

We have a team of qualified instructors and coaches and are very happy to adapt a programme to your company’s needs. We want to help you feel stronger both physically and mentally.

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