Core for Kids

Core For Kids Pilates- be strong, be fit, be happy

We have a brand new website packed with information for our Children’ Pilates- Core For Kids Pilates. Check it out at

We are super excited to be teaching Core the Kids Pilates sessions in St Albans. These are pilates based classes focussing on core strength, balance, flexibility and co-ordination in a fun, friendly environment. We use some of the traditional pilates moves mixed with stories and games to improve strength, stamina and co-ordination. We are on a mission to get more children stronger, fitter and healthier!

This is an area that I am very passionate about having worked with local physiotherapists and children on a 1 to 1 basis initially, and then in several schools. The classes are for a mix of children who either just need that extra bit of help with core strength, muscle awareness and co-ordination or who use to compliment their other sporting activities eg gymnastics, football, swimming. As well as being experienced and fully qualified to teach Pilates and I am also qualified to teach Fitness to Children.

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Many adults we have developed faulty movement patterns, have poor posture, have a lack of body awareness and get aches and pains. By starting Pilates as a child we can help ensure they develop strong cores, excellent posture, and good balance, flexibility and co-ordination; all essential for everyday life and sporting activities. Pilates for children is beneficial to all chidlren whether budding athletes, promising dancers, or hypermobile. There has also been lots of research to prove that Pilates can help with dyspraxia and dyslexia too!

Remember, the children will have fun. We are not lying on a mat for long periods of time; we are keeping challenged but focussed and enjoying the session. for more information on Pilates for Kids.


We are also keen to come into more schools for lunch clubs/after school clubs and help get the children get stronger, more flexible and co ordinated whilst having fun!

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