So we appear to have jumped straight from winter to summer with the weather, more sunshine please! Nature on the other hand is full into spring with so much lushness everywhere along with breath taking blossom (If you get a moment visit Sandridge road where the blossom on all the trees lining the road looks amazing this year) and haven’t the bluebells been stunning? The dawn chorus keeps waking me up but I don’t mind at all as better that than an alarm clock in darkness:)


The light evenings are great for helping keeping motivated and active, and it’s great to see you all in classes. Monday and Tuesday at Alban City school for Pilates and Monday Maple Zumba, Wednesday ( day and eve) and Thursday mornings at All Saints Studio.


One evening this week I went to watch my old dance department from university perform on tour in St Albans. It was contemporary dance and where I discovered Pilates 22 years ago! Well, the strength and agility of the dancers was magical- pilates personified! I just wish I was 18 again!! Check them out at:


Instructor News


1) It’s For the Children- I am on a mission to raise money for 2 different children causes and walking a whole marathon next Saturday (London to St. Albans – the scenic route!)

This is firstly to help provide an all weather athletic track at Maple School , where Zumba is held. The children already run fitness laps everyday eg y2 run 2 laps, y2 6- 6 laps which is fab!

Also a charity close to my heart Great Ormond Street Hospital who have helped and supported not only my family but many others too.

If you would like to sponsor me, any donation would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.

2) Gabriel is back! Hooray! He has had his shoulder op, looks a bit like Robocop with the contraption he is wearing but is glad to back in class. Thank you to everyone for putting up with me for cover:) It was lovely to see you all in class. Now back to normality!



More from me soon with class updates and latest news.


Take care

Claire X