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Get Back On It…

Can you believe September is here already! After an amazing summer of sunshine, Olympics, holiday adventures, late nights and epic blackberry picking (what a crop this year!) it is now officially time to Get Back On it…


If you are a parent it is time to get some normality and routine back in your life. The last mad dash to make sure your lovelies have done their homework, realised they had any homework and dusted down their pencil cases..


For all workers it’s that time of year again whereby your commute will just start to take that bit longer and busier again.


For TV viewers it’s the best time of year… it’s time for :

Sparktacular Strictly,  

Poldark Perfection,  

and the return of the Classic… Cold Feet! Can’t wait!


Let the battle of dramas commence between the channels. Perfect entertainment as the nights draw in.


Most importantly it’s time to have a re-focus on YOU. If you’ve over indulged over the summer, got out of routine, deperate to do more exercise on your own or just shed a few pounds before the C word (I am not going to mention it yet!)… then this is the time to GET BACk ON IT!  


I will let you into a little secret.. it is actually a bit of a myth that the busiest time in the exercise world is January, it is not, it’s actually September. This is the month that anyone who is serious about making a difference actually does it and sticks at it… so if you haven’t got sorted yet or its at the bottom of your list, then STOP, re-jig that list and think about YOU…


-Start walking those 10,000+ steps (do it for Cancer research this month) 

-Don’t be so sedantary at work- ensure you have a walk break at least once an hour

-Have walking meetings- its all the thing in Silicon Valley

-Start doing a bit of HIIT workout- walk for 1 min, jog for 1mim, walk for 1 min etc

-Stretch- every day (this is one I am really focussing on myself!)

-Build in 5-10 mins of core strength exercises everyday- ab preps, shoulder briedge, side lying clam, 1 leg circle – so quick and easy to do (watch this space for more of this)

-Book your space in class for barre, pilates or come and try Zumba (for that cardio/core blast combo) 


Let’s do this! 


Also very important.. dont forget to cheer on the GB Paralympic team over the next few weeks. Team GB.


We really hope to see you in class over the next few weeks. Pilates and Barre starts this week (5th), you are welcome to come along for a trial of a new class eg barre and Zumba starts back on the 12th.


All class info and booking at 



Go for it this September- it’s time for you!


Take care

Claire and the team

Summer Sun and September Pilates

Summer Holidays are whizzing by ! For those of you that have been lucky enough to have some time off I hope you are enjoying the lazy mornings, ice creams and not having to stick to a daily regime! The Olympics coverage has been immense and really sad it is all over . The stories, heroes, determination and utter brilliance of all the athletes involved is so inspiring and just makes you want to get out and exercise (especially the weather at the mo!).

We are really looking forward to the Paralympics now. Go Team GB!


We are in our last  2 weeks of Summer holidays St Albans Pilates and Barre classes now and then ready to start back with our September timetable.

Classes for next 2 weeks are on a reduced timetable as holiday time:


Tuesday 23rd and 30th August- Pilates 7.30pm class for all levels at the Jubilee Centre

Wednesday 31st August- Barre all levels at All Saints Studios

St Albans Pilates and Barre starts back week of 5th September .

September is often a busy time for new attendees to come to class and I would not want any of you to miss out on your slot.

So, if you haven’t already please book your spaces now for class at .

If you want to try a different class/day/level that’s fine .


As always remember you can catch up for any missed classes within the current course.

Blossom, Bluebells and It’s All For Charity..

So we appear to have jumped straight from winter to summer with the weather, more sunshine please! Nature on the other hand is full into spring with so much lushness everywhere along with breath taking blossom (If you get a moment visit Sandridge road where the blossom on all the trees lining the road looks amazing this year) and haven’t the bluebells been stunning? The dawn chorus keeps waking me up but I don’t mind at all as better that than an alarm clock in darkness:)


The light evenings are great for helping keeping motivated and active, and it’s great to see you all in classes. Monday and Tuesday at Alban City school for Pilates and Monday Maple Zumba, Wednesday ( day and eve) and Thursday mornings at All Saints Studio.


One evening this week I went to watch my old dance department from university perform on tour in St Albans. It was contemporary dance and where I discovered Pilates 22 years ago! Well, the strength and agility of the dancers was magical- pilates personified! I just wish I was 18 again!! Check them out at:


Instructor News


1) It’s For the Children- I am on a mission to raise money for 2 different children causes and walking a whole marathon next Saturday (London to St. Albans – the scenic route!)

This is firstly to help provide an all weather athletic track at Maple School , where Zumba is held. The children already run fitness laps everyday eg y2 run 2 laps, y2 6- 6 laps which is fab!

Also a charity close to my heart Great Ormond Street Hospital who have helped and supported not only my family but many others too.

If you would like to sponsor me, any donation would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.

2) Gabriel is back! Hooray! He has had his shoulder op, looks a bit like Robocop with the contraption he is wearing but is glad to back in class. Thank you to everyone for putting up with me for cover:) It was lovely to see you all in class. Now back to normality!



More from me soon with class updates and latest news.


Take care

Claire X



Were You Blown Away By January?

So, January has blown by and February has sprung upon us!
The nights and mornings are getting lighter, the birds are chirping and bulbs are popping up everywhere to reassure Spring is well and truly on the way.

It’s my favourite time of year when you see everything literally come alive and blossom. For me, this year though it’s a time to take stock…..
Where on earth did January go?
Why did my mental “to do list “not go down,
Despite pretty much hibernating in January why was it still so frantic??
Any of that sound familiar?

Life does whizz by and this is why the very “in” concept of “mindfulness is great. I have to say I preferred it when it wasn’t so mass market and faddy but the principles are still there and something of great interest and belief.
Mindfulness- Paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you – can improve your mental well being
Check out Head Space App or book and CD “Mindfulness a Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World”
A major plus though is Pilates is great for mental and physical well being- a double pat on the back!
So if you have been neglecting yourself and spinning around like a lone sock in the tumble dryer then STOP!

Yes , now would be a good time.

Have a cup of tea (green tea even better) and think what would I really like to do?
Achieve? Try? Anything new? And then do it, research it, sort it. Today not tomorrow or the next day!
As Paddy Mcguiness (from v cheesy “Take Me Out” Saturday night TV programme – told you I’ve been hibernating!) would say …….. “The Power is In Your Hands”…
Go and make February the F month, not “Fed up” but “Feeling, Fab, Fit and Fantastic!”

Thinking of in the present- book you space in Pilates, Barre class (come to a £5 offer trial barre class too) using our new booking system.

Book Your Class
Have an amazing half term break

Are You Ready St Albans?

All the Christmas treats have finally left the house. It’s nearing the end of January and some sort of normality is back in your life. So, are you ready to get back on it and start thinking about you?

Whether its to feel fitter, be more organised , stretch more or drink more water it is time to focus on YOU!

Little steps go a long way so starting with a small goal is great and often then not too daunting.

It might literally be walking 10,000 steps a day or drinking 2 litres of water and cutting back on caffeine.

Hit those small targets, dream and then focus on those bigger achievable goals.

If you fancy trying something new this year then we have trial classes available for Barre Pilates, a mix of Pilates, dance and strength training See our list of classes   Click here for Barre Pilates

So lets get  going. No matter how small the challenge/change.

Go for it. You can do it!




Have a Happy and Healthy 2016

Wishing all our Pilates, Barre and Zumba friends a happy, healthy 2016

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and enjoying your break with family and friends. We are looking forward to getting back to sessions with some Pilates and barre classes starting 5th January  and the rest the following week of the 11th (including Zumba)

If you haven’t signed up for our Pilates and Barre classes please do reserve/book your space as classes are filling up fast! As always you can book at:


Also if you want to start the year with a feast of healthy recipes. meal planner and daily exercises to practice at home. Come on board our Eat Clean Get Lean Online Plan (now in its 4th year)
Get rid of toxins,bad foods, exercise daily, eat healthy and make you feel and look fab (you will also lose a few lbs too!)

Have a fantastic New Year and looking forward to lots of classes, fun and challenges in the 2016.


Happy Anniversary to us! 10 Years in Business!

Well what a dramatic start to October!

Its been a mix of emotions…St Albans suddenly in the global spotlight , England out of the World Cup and then the fab Bake Off final.


I also have some news…. drum roll please…


We are celebrating 10 years of Herts Pilates


Yes this is the big news! Hooray!

We have been teaching in the St Albans area for 10 years now.


To celebrate this and to mainly say a huge thank you for coming to our classes I am running 10 days of free online fitness, recipes, advice and tips from the 1st November. You will receive updates to check website as you are on the email list(don’t need to sign up again)The website will be updated daily at


Some of you have been with us from the beginning and many for a large part of our journey. From church halls, to school halls to studios we have loved it all and really appreciate all your support- thank you.


If you know of any friends and family that would like to join in  the 10 days of free online fitness then please do pass on where they can sign up.


November classes

Another month is whizzing by and we will be having a week off for half term. Then we are back in the run up to Christmas for 7 weeks of classes to get you all ready for the festive period. (nb Amanda’s Monday is 6 weeks due to school closed on 2nd Nov) Classes start back on the 3rd November. You can book on now at and by the 22nd October to secure your place please.

It’s Time to Sparkle and Shine..

Did you stay up for the lunar eclipse last night? How magnificent the moon looked and some amazing images seen today too in the press.


I am feeling inspired by Strictly Come Dancing (such a high standard this year) and deflated by the rugby this weekend! What can I say! Another shock in the World Cup. Onwards and upwards as my Grandad used to say:)


If you are also feeling inspired by the dancing and starting to wiggle in work, shake your hips in the shops and generally want to shimmer like those sequins then come along to Zumba tonight. 8pm Maple School– cheesy tunes and funky moves (and you really can dance like no one is watching)


Also if admiring the wonderful Darcy Bussell and all the pro dancers and want to get stronger, more flexible and target hips, glutes, legs and tummies then come along to the new Pilates Mat/barre workout fusion class this Wednesday. 9.30am at All Saints Studios. Just need to book at


If you want to book a Pilates or Barre taster class before signing up for the whole course you can also do that on the timetable page.
Enjoy the sunshine and hopefully better rugby results this week (if English!) Must say well done to Wales, Scotland and Ireland too:)



Happy Monday
Take care




ps don’t forget regular updates and  tips/news on our facebook page

Also starting to embrace Instagram @hertspilates

Yes We Are Back to Full St Albans timetable…Pilates/Barre/Zumba… Its Great To See You All In Class

It is so great to see so many of you back in class after the Summer break.

That first class back is always quite daunting after a break from exercise. I’ve had lots of conversations over the last few weeks about how you were keeping active over the holidays, have been out cycling, walking lots and exercising with the kids which is great.

However that first Pilates, Barre or Zumba class is still always tough! But don’t you feel fab when you’ve done it! We’ve had a few initial creeks, a few groans, lots of hot bodies and heaps of giggles:)

If you haven’t made it back to class yet, don’t worry. You can always pop along to Zumba on a Monday at 8pm or come and try a barre taster class on a Monday 7pm or Wednesday 7.30pm at All Saints Studios.

All class info is here at

Dance Like There is Nobody Watching…

Doesn’t it make a difference when the Sun is out?

Everyone is in better moods, people smile more, communicate more and generally have a bit more get up and go.

Now today it’s a bit grey but still warm so stay in the summer mode of thinking;)

Last week I embraced the sunny weather in the back garden with the kids. Like many others we had water fights, sprinkler on ( ate ice cream!) , and the plastic sheet ( otherwise known as the super duper water slide ) came out. I decided to have a go..

This meant a large run up, followed by a bellyflop launch super man styley onto the sheet and then a dramatic pose to finish….. At which point I looked up and saw my neighbour looking out of the window! A classic!

It reminded of the quote which I love

 ” dance like there is nobody watching”

Whether you are in the kitchen having a boogie, 

jiving away in the car,

shaking it on a night out

or having a good wiggle/ giggle in Zumba.


Just go for it, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks and have a ball!

You will feel amazing afterwards I promise. Nb a bit of cheesy music does the trick too. Crank up the tunes!

So this is the last week for daytime Pilates and barre classes before the summer break. Evening classes finish next week.
If you are around over the summer break and want to come along to any classes we are running Pilates , Tuesday evenings and Barre Workout , Wednesday evenings. Places are filling up now and remember you can book for any number of weeks from 1 -5 weeks from end of July- August at

September classes start back from the 1st Sept for Jubilee centre and All Saints Studios classes and week of 7 th for Amanda and Angies’s at Alban City school. You can book your spaces now for class at

Take care








Summer is finally here! Hooray! Everyone is showing a bit more flesh, the electric fans are down from the loft  and summer dresses have been dusted down….

The ice cream man even came around to our road the other night.

My kids were ecstatic…. as had never seen a mobile, musical ice cream van before!

I felt nostalgic ,from great childhood memories,

and then Jurassic , how times have changed!

So, we have reached July! For all parents you may be feeling …

– Fed up with school routine,

– trying to get kids to school,

– to live each day by the clock,

– generally ready for a break from the norm and holiday! Yeh!

The finish line is now in sight,, you are so close, and then you can start the extreme water fights in the garden, morning, afternoon and night,, more picnics in the park and deciding which summer camps the kids would really love to go on!

The downside to the summer break is that some of our classes also rest up for the holidays.

However we still have 2 weeks left of Zumba and day Pilates and barre and 3 weeks of evening Pilates and barre .

Fear not, not all classes stop though… Last year we ran some classes all through the summer for those still at work, generally hard core and dedicated to the cause;)

So we are doing it again this year to help keep you all in shape, sane and smiley:)

Tuesday evenings


7 pm beginners/ improvers

8pm intermediate/advanced

Wednesday evening

8.30pm barre workout – all levels

These will run for 5 weeks from 28 th July – 26 th August at All Saints Studios, off St Albans road. Classes with Gabriel and one week with Amanda when Gabe on hols too .

We are putting in place the same booking system too.. Which is you don’t have to sign up for all the classes over the holidays ( but of course you are welcome too) as long as you pay in advance for the classes you want to come too. This enables us to manage the class spaces over the holiday period, thank you.

Classes £10 a session ( paid in advance)

Book your summer holidays classes here


Have fantastic week

Take care



P.s Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. Get out in the garden, relax and indulge ( there’s the Prosecco mention!).

P.p.s Watching Wimbledon, it’s strong arms, core and upper body time. Coming in next few days the Press Up Challenge!! Da da daaaaa

That Monday feeling..

It’s Monday already!

Today I have…

– a stack of work admin jobs to do ,
– house chores I keep putting off,
– a to do list I wrote last night and keeps growing
– classes to plan
– techie stuff to attempt(!)
– research to devour

….. and I really am not in the right frame of mind to do any of it!

Do you ever feel like that?

So, instead of sitting here procrastinating for an hour or two I decided to go completely off task and have a little shopping time! Only a 30ish minute amble ( as I am not the best shopper, much prefer online)

However I had a look at all the summer stuff on display, even bought a few holiday bits and then walked home, feeling so much better and up for the day’s challenges , and started work. … And I felt so much better!!

So if you wake up sometimes not feeling “in the zone ” don’t beat yourself up about it !


Sometimes just a small diversion/ change of plan can make all the difference and get you back on track.

It doesn’t have to be shopping ( although that may appeal to you to;),

it could be going for a brisk walk,

meeting up with a friend,

changing scenery for work ,

catching up on the news,

quick 10 mins Pilates / meditation,

a nice cuppa,


whatever works for you to re- route/ re -charge and get back on track. Go and try it.
Right Monday- let’s do this!

Have a great week



To Achieve or Not To Achieve….

This weekend we watched the Ninja Warrior Final . This series has been quite popular in our house. We cheer, we Ooh! and we Aah! at the TV.


If you haven’t heard/seen the programme it is basically a dramatic assault course.  A cross between Gladiators and Total Wipe Out. You have to be pretty fit to take part and I’ve decided long limbed as well!


So, all series has been leading up to the big final and crowning the Ultimate Ninja Warrior. The fittest, nimblest, strongest on TV…..


We were pretty excited anyway to see which army person, gymnast, Ninja type would win the title……


and then no one won !!!


A whole TV series was built around this big goal of being the ultimate Ninja Warrior, and then they made the final course so hard only one person managed to complete it , but ran out of time!!


How deflating is that!!


The producers pretty much set everyone up to fail,

goals were unachievable

and people’s dreams wiped out!


A definite lesson in how NOT to do it!


Goals , no matter how big or small, need to be achievable.


If your goal/ dream at work or home seems too daunting to begin with then chunk out your tasks, try and complete one or two bits a day/week.


So you can be successful at each step along the way.


Feeling good about yourself,

being able to tick off achievements

keeping positive about your end result or journey is SO important.


Never, ever set yourself up to fail.


If your goal is to get in better shape for Summer then we can you along the way with our new Get Back On It online Pilates/nutrition plan.


* This is focussed Pilates workouts to complete everyday,

*Healthy recipes which are easy to use

* Suggestions for little changes/tweaks to everyday life  that can have a massive difference on your fitness, health and well being

* Motivational tips and advice- to help you feel amazing!


It will help you get…

– a flatter tummy

– more toned arms and legs

– improved posture to walk tall this summer

– more energy to look and feel stupendous!


Come on board with an extra brucey bonus workout if sign up by the 8th June!


Have a fantastic week back in classes from tonight in the lead up to summer…

its coming this Wednesday apparently!



Take care


What Do You Believe In?

We have just had a fab family week in Dorset.

What I found quite amusing is that one of the places we visited was recently in a survey ( published by the Times)
74% of people did not think it existed…
I suppose it does sounds a bit Disney but Durdle Door is definitely part of the beautiful Jurassic coastline ( see pic) .
Amazingly 18% thought Albert Square was real! Oh dear!

It made me think about what do I believe in and what is important to me .

Health and happiness for my family always comes top.

Then for me it’s about doing something you love and waking up every morning wanting to go to work.

Not having that Sunday night feeling I used to have in corporate world .

Making sure I am fit, strong and healthy to ensure I always can have huge amounts of fun and silly times with my kids.

My big belief this year has been to believe I can re -address the work/ life/ family balance to my liking. I am still working on it but so much better.

Try and give yourself a moment today and think about what you really believe in and what is important to you ?

I am off now to finish the new “Get Back On It” online pilates/ barre and nutrition plan. Stacks of new recipes, challenging pilates and barre for you at home.

I really believe( and 100s who have completed my online plans know) if you want it, you can have more energy, get stronger , fitter in time for summer.

So come on believe in yourself….watch this space for details in next day or two….for “Get Back On It”.

You can do it!

Remember classes start back next week. Some of our popular classes are full. We do have a few spaces left in some classes ,so if you haven’t already, book now ..

Good Days vs Bad Days….

My daughter (5) told me that yesterday was the best day ever! Why was that? Because she danced on a proper, big stage for the first time:) Magical.


For me this morning was not going well….


The website had techy problems with booking (7 am panic, now all fixed for next courses:) ,I had not slept well due to mystery alarm in our room going off at 3.45am?! (did stay awake for dawn chorus though, lovely). Packed lunch boxes were missing, dog played hide and seek(!), last minute homework found scrunched in bag etc etc.


We got to school and a Mum said to me that I looked tired which normally translates to looking rough/mess:)



And then I took a deep breath and laughed……a lot………at myself!


Now, I could have carried on all day chasing my tail, feeling rubbish. slightly annoyed with the outcomes, but what is the point?


Instead, it is so much better to embrace each day as it comes and look at and cherish the good bits.


-Have fun



-Enjoy what life has to offer (just like my daughter yesterday).


I went from school drop off , to having a lovely breakfast with friends celebrating birthdays, to teaching some rewarding pilates sessions and then having a walk in the woods with my dog:)


So, if you are having a bad day please try and get rid of any negative thoughts. Don’t get stuck in a rut, think positive and go and do something you enjoy and that will bring a smile to your face.:)


Go and find/remember YOUR best day ever!


Look forward to seeing some of you at Zumba/Pilates/Barre tonight.



**New courses from beginning June are now bookable at with taster sessions available too.**




Enjoy your day

Take care



Treat your Mum for Mother’s Day

Not that you need a reason to spoil your Mum but giving her some well deserved “me” time is a great gift.

With our Herts Pilates gift vouchers you can use for our Pilates courses in St Albans, Barre workout classes, Zumba and our online nutrition and Pilates plan.

Let her focus on fitness, posture, strength or cardio in our fun, friendly sessions. What better way to spoil Mum (day and evening pilates and barre classes available)

Click here for Gift vouchers



It’s All About the Barre, About The Barre..

We are starting another evening Barre class from next week- Monday 23rd February 7.05pm. This is due to a very long waiting list and everyone loving the Wednesday evening Barre class so much they are don’t want to leave:)

These spaces will go fast (limited spots available) so visit our timetable page or barre page to book you space today!

Well done to everyone on our January Detox online plan

Well done to everyone who has been practising their daily pilates workouts at home, clean eating and trying out lots of our yummy, easy recipes. Great feedback from “have so much more energy” to ” my tummy has flattened out” to ” didn’t think it would be this easy to follow”. Great results so far and this is the last week already.