I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break. It is such a special time of the year to spend time with friends and family and remembering loved ones. We had an amazing few days of hosting, eating, drinking, singing, dancing and much laughter at our house. This was followed by a pyjama day on the 27th!

Back at Work or in Hibernation? If you are now back at work well done you- hopefully it is a quieter time of year to catch up on any outstanding work and just generally get organised for the New Year. If you are still in hibernation mode having lazy mornings walking around with severe bed hair, watching Christmas classics and trying not to stand on random bits of Lego- well done you too. It’s a great time to re-charge batteries and have some important downtime.

Did you get a fitbit tracker for Christmas? Or want to book classes even quicker with our Pilates Mindbody App?

You can sync the MINDBODY® app with your Fitbit® activity tracker to quickly access data on your classes, appointments, and enrollments. The app will show active minutes and calories burned during your workout, as well as heart rate data if you have a compatible device. Plus, it will retroactively sync with past workouts-even if you’re new to the MINDBODY app. Download the Pilates Booking App    Don’t forget to book your regular classes , (spaces filling up fast) We are running extra evening Barre and Beginners pilates from the 16th January too. Book Pilates and Barre classes via www.hertspilates.co.uk/timetable or the app

Here we come 2017..

Looking forward now to 2017 its time to really focus on you and turning your awareness to your mind, body and fitness . It’s about thinking about the little things that help yo live your life to its full potential. A written goal really helps to pave the way…

This might be starting the year having a real sort out at home- streamlining your wardrobe to feel less cluttered. It may be eating more fruit and veg, or to cut down on food wastage with more innovative healthy recipes. Or ensuring you have important “me ” time. Write out your goal(s), several times on post it notes and stick it various places around the house eg drink 2 litres water a day, cut out caffeine, 15,000 steps as day. It really helps!

Finally do you fancy joining me on my New Year journey?  S.H.A.P.E online:

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Starting 9th January- once all festive food is out of house!

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Join my journey- starting 9th Jan- 2 weeks- £45 includes all home workouts, personal fitness and nutritional advice from me as well as heaps of lifestyle tips.  Click here to find out more and book The best way to start 2017.   Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year.


Many thanks Claire and the team