When the days are grey and the nights are long its hard sometimes to not let the dark affect us. SAD or “winter blues” are common in lots of the UK population and its often hard to stay on track with your fitness, health and well being. All your summer good eating and activities can go out of the window as you crave carbs, sugar and the sofa.

SAD is linked to reduced exposure to the sunlight which can cause a part of the brain called hypothalamus working properly. This in turn may affect:

– melatonin production- hormone that makes you feel sleepy
– Serotonin production- hormone that affects appetite, sleep and mood
– bodys internal clock- your body uses sunlight for various functions such as waking up so lower levels of light disrupt yur body.

I suppose the easy answer is to emigrate for the winter ūüôā

However, not always possible (!) so I hope these tips below will help to banish any winter blues too:

1) Pack in the Vitamin D. Eat more: salmon, fresh tuna, mushrooms, organic vegetables and just vegetables in general!

2) Take regular exercise to kick start the happy hormones and raise your spirit and motivation.

3) Get as much natural sunlight as possible. Get out for a walk at lunchtime, open the windows and enjoy the fresh air.

Have a fantastic week and I hope you enjoy your classes. NB Zumba is now at 7.45 pm from tonight (starting earlier- not because of light though:)