Here are some nutrition tips to help you get back on track.
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  1. Make friends with fibre. Since your gut bacteria are so important in determining the amount of the feel-good hormone that is made, you need to make sure you keep them well-nourished as well. Gut bacteria like fibre-rich foods. Ensure that your diet does not totally cut out the carbs, but rather includes wholegrains, beans and lentils, as well as a variety of vegetables and fruit.
  2. Go easy on the processed food. Highly processed foods, which are high in food additives and preservatives, disrupt the healthy bacteria in your gut, so keep these foods to a minimum.
  3. Eat at regular times. Steady and stable blood sugar levels help you stay focused. Avoid skipping meals, particularly when you are feeling stressed. Eat at regular intervals.
  4. Have a handful of nuts a day. Nuts like brazil nuts, almonds and pine nuts are particularly high in zinc, selenium and tryptophan, I also love Walnuts – all these nutrients support brain function and lower your risk of depression.
  5. Indulge in chocolate. Dark chocolate (>70%) is rich in many mood-boosting compounds , which have all been linked to improved mood. The bonus is that research also shows that the bitterness in chocolate is also thought to help diminish cravings for sweet things. I know it’s difficult with children but my house has gradually converted to dark chocolate- who knew dark chocolate Kit Kats tasted so good!