Welcome to Herts Pilates St Albans, established in 2005. Our St Albans Pilates team offer friendly, focused Pilates and Barre classes and 121 Pilates sessions at present all online via Zoom . From beginners to advanced Pilates, Barre and Bootcamp we offer a range of sessions with our experienced instructors in St Albans, Herts.


Introducing the Barre..

New Monday Barre on Zoom- 6.15pm – just bring a chair and prepare to have fun in your home! The ultimate  Pilates, dance, strength and fat burn workout. Targets glutes, tones thighs, flattens abs- really works all your muscles to the max!

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St Albans Timetable

Our  Pilates St Albans and Barre timetable is out now and all on Zoom…From Pilates, Barre and 121 Pilates sessions at various St Albans venues. Beginners- advanced Pilates available in St Albans and everywhere online


Core For Kids (Pilates Based Classes)

We run fun, interactive Pilates based session for Primary and Secondary children, in class and 121 format ,focussing on core strength, posture, balance, co-ordination and muscle awareness. Classes are still running in schools at present


Pilates with Pals/One to One Pilates

One to One Pilates and Small Group sessions. Great if getting back to exercise, post rehab, or want to accelerate your Pilates journey. If in St Albans pilates can come to you or we also have our garden Pilates studio

Herts Pilates are running Pilates and Barre classes via Zoom- keeping you strong and healthy in lockdown

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For more news on Pilates, Barre in St Albans  visit our Latest News page…

Fun Fitness is the Way Forward

I have a confession to make- I get bored very easily and have a short attention span! When it comes to exercise I have to mix it up . However even with over 20 years teaching experience in the fitness industry, I am still finding the usual fitness mad January a bit overwhelming this year. We are being hit from all directions on all channels and media. Now on the flip side, this is not a bad thing as a healthy mind and body will definitely help us all get through another lockdown but it can still sometimes be overpowering with so many options available. Where do we begin?   I can honestly say the best type of exercise is something you enjoy. More than ever now we see that life is too short so why put yourself through something that you don’t like doing? It really doesn’t matter what it is either as long as it helps get the happy endorphins flowing around your body and helps to make you feel stronger and fitter, both inside and out. I have friends who are avid runners and that is all they like to do as they like being outside clearing their heads and raising their heart rates which is great. I know others who find a good brisk dog walk a day really helps alongside a pilates session and some who have tried so many different Instagram or YouTube videos with varying success. I don’t want to bombard you with lots more advice but did want to share a few fun things to help stay fit, strong and healthy:... read more

Zoom into lockdown with Pilates & Barre- we’ve got this !

You may have woken up this week with a new sense of dread because of the latest lockdown news but we are in this together and can get through this 💪 Thank you for coming along to our Zoom classes, reading my emails, working hard and having fun. The class chats and banter are still fantastic and make the sessions even more special . The funniest so far is being when one of our teachers was kicked off zoom for 10 mins, got back into class to find the attendees chatting and drinking wine/beer in their separate abodes ! That takes “grab a drink ” to a new level !  🤣 As it gets darker and colder it is so important  to work on your health and fitness, to keep your immune system high and to concentrate on  your mental health and keep a positive attitude. On the plus side  the Autumnal colours have been stunning this year and Strictly is back on for my annual dose of sequins ! So, the good news is we are going to continue with our online Zoom classes plus add an extra Monday evening barre class to help ensure we get a good mix of exercise . The lockdown offer continues, which we’ve been running since the first wave , of £10 which secures your place in your regular class but also enables you to come to the other classes on offer at no extra cost:   Monday 7pm Pilates intermediate/advance 8pm Barre -* new class with Claire* Tuesday 7pm Pilates improvers 8pm Pilates intermediated/advanced Thursday 1030am Barre   Watch out also for some fitness challenges in lockdown (... read more

Wild and Wet but Spring is just around the corner..

Having just returned from a long weekend in wet and slightly wild Wales I am now looking forward to more Spring like weather. Driving through Crickhowell, along roads which had morphed into rivers and fields into lakes really portrayed the power of nature.We love the Brecon Beacons with its wild and unforgiving landscape which is why the army were also out in force training – it looked a bit like the Who Dares Wins SAS programme on Channel 4! So the good news is the mornings and evenings are getting lighter which means more time outdoors to walk the dog, go for a run, walk more and do some gardening or just generally get more Vitamin D! Hooray! Class wise- we have a 6 week block of Pilates and Barre starting next week 24th February. We look forward to seeing you in... read more

Goodbye Dry, Detox January- Hello Fun, Fit February

So it’s February already and there may still be snow lingering but at least the mornings and evenings are getting lighter and the snowdrops are starting to appear. We at Herts Pilates HQ have survived dry January, detox January (no sugar, dairy or caffeine) and feel fighting fit to face February (with the odd glass of wine in front of the fire). It is amazing though how a few changes including drinking more water everyday, increasing daily exercise, cutting out the snacks and re-tweaking your mindset can have such a positive effect on your well-being. Now I know lots of people join the gym, have new resolutions, start dry January but as an individual effort they may not last long or have a huge impact. Putting them together eg more daily exercise, steps, no snacking, cut back on coffee, 5 minutes a day meditation (look at apps HeadSpace and Calm) can have a massive positive effect. It really doesn’t matter if you have an off day or can’t stick to something rigidly- small changes offer big rewards. So, go on give it a try and remember with fitness and well-being it is not just the outcome that we focus on but the journey along the... read more

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